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Alprostadil Injection in Pakistan | Etsy Mall

Alprostadil Injection in Pakistan Is a Vasodilator and Platelet Aggregation Inhibitor, Prostaglandin. It Belongs to Institution of Compounds Known as Autacoids (Autacoids Feature as a Nearby Hormone).

Alprostadil Is Use to Address Erectile Sickness (Impotence) and to Assist Diagnose Sure Reasons of This Sickness. Alprostadil Is Like Wise Use to Decorate Blood Go Together With the Drift in New Child Toddler With Heart Issue. This Remedy Manual Addresses Only the Person Male Use of Alprostadil in Erectile Issues.

Should Know About Alprostadil?

You Need to No Longer Use Alprostadil if You’ve Got Pink Blood Mobile Anemia. Leukemia, a Bone Marrow Tumor, a Curve or Deform Penis. You Need to Keep Away From Sexual Hobby for Health Reasons.

Caverject Injection 20 Mcg 1 Vial Imported

  • Pain and Burning Sensation in the Penis
  • Urethral Bleeding
  • Testicular Pain
  • Headache
  • Dizziness and Fainting Rare
  • Increased Heartbeat Rare
  • Prolonged and Painful Erection
  • Hardening of Penile Tissue Severe
  • Injection Site Bruising and Red Coloration
  • Swelling and Rashes at the Penile Region
  • Bleeding at the Injection Site
  • Swelling of Veins Severe
  • Visual Disturbances Severe

Alprostadil Uses & Dosage

A Healthcare Provider Will Give Your First Dose and Teach You Ways to Properly Use the Medication by Yourself.
Follow All Directions on Your Prescription Label and Skim All Medication Guides. Use the Drugs Exactly as Directed.

Patent Ductus Arteriosus

This Medicine Is Like wise Use for the Supportive Treatment of a Delivery. Illness in Which a Temporary Blood Vessel Does No Longer Close Quickly After Delivery.

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