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Efero Breast Cream


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Efero Breast Cream in Pakistan

EFERO Bust Boost Breast Enlargement Cream in Pakistan
Bigger Boobs Lifting Increase
Tightness Big Bust Body Cream
Breast Care Enhancer EFERO

EFERO Breast Cream Effective Lifting Breast Enhancer Increase Tightness Bust Care Body Cream Breast Enlargement Cream. Soft and silky texture, can quickly penetrate and absorb, help to improve the dryness of the breast, rough, dull and other problems, lift and tighten the chest skin, prevent sagging and other conditions, so that the double breasts become natural, full, solid, soft, shiny and elastic.

Product Description:

Brand : EFERO

Name : Breast Enhancement Cream

Net Wt : 40g

Features:Contains multiple plant essences, can quickly penetrate and absorb, nourishes breast skin, helps to improve the dryness of the breast, rough, dull and other, endows breast skin with elasticity and lubrication, helps improve breast skin curve and elasticity, makes breast skin plump and elastic.


Scope of Use: Suitable for any skin type.

How to Use: After bathing in hot water every night, take appropriate amount of this product, evenly apply it to both breasts, massage breasts in a circle from outside to inside for a moment.

Package Included:

1*Breast Enhancement Cream

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Efero Breast Cream
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