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Ela Love Tablets in Pakistan Is an Emergency Contraceptive Tablet. It May Save You an Unplanned Being Pregnant Which Can Rise Up Because of Unprotected Intercourse or Failure of a Contraceptive(Beginning Control) Approach. It Isn’t an Abortion Ill and Does No Longer Work if You Are Already Pregnant. Ela Needs to Be Take as Fast as Viable However Not Later Then Seventy Two Hours After Unprotected Intercourse. The Sooner You Are Taking It the More Effective It’s Miles Going to Be.

Ela Need to Not Be Use Instead for a Condom or a Few Different Normal Contra-ceptive Technique. The Best Mode of Motion of Levonorgestrel Isn’t Usually Acknowledged. Emergency Hormonal Birth Manipulate Is Idea to Paintings in Particular via Stopping Fertilisation via Changing Tubal Shipping of Sperm and/or Ova. It Can Moreover Motive Endometrial Modifications That Discourage Implantation.

Levonorgestrel Tablet 1.5mg 0.75mg

Efficacy: It’s Been Predict That Levonorgestrel Prevents Eighty Four% of Expected Pregnancies. On the Recommended Regimen, Levonorgestrel Isn’t Anticipate to Spark Off Great Modification of Blood Clotting Factors, and Lipid and Carbohydrate Metabolism.


Emergency Birth Control Inside Seventy Two Hours of Unprotected Sexual Sex or Failure of a Contraceptive Technique.

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ELA Love Tablets
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