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Fair & Pink Gold Cream


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Fair & Pink Gold Cream in Pakistan

According to the old ancient history, one of the beauty hacks that Cleopatra followed was the use of gold as a beauty mask. Cleopatra used a gold mask every night to enhance her complexion and keep her skin younger looking, glowing and beautiful as always. Fair & Pink Gold Cream in Pakistan.

Gold has some natural properties that can be a reason of sparkling glow and fairer skin. Actually, GOLD slows down the collagen reduction, increases skin’s elasticity, enhance the skin’s complexion, and increase the cells that make the skin firm, improves blood circulation and stops early aging, wrinkles & tanning.

Fair & Pink Gold:

Fair & Pink Gold contains purest 24k gold particles which give an old ancient beauty texture in a natural way. Gold slows down the skin inflammation which, in turn, decrease the level of melanin in the skin and remove aging spots.

Due to Gold Fair & Pink Gold activate basal cells of skin which
Increases elasticity
Reduces wrinkles
Fine lines, blemishes & marks
Improves blood circulation & increases metabolism of skin cells make skin healthy
It has very strong anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory effects.
due to gold enhance the elasticity of skin and reduce wrinkles
Fair & Pink Gold prevent sagging of skin and maintain the natural texture of skin.
Nano Particles of Fair & Gold absorbs in the skin and produce rich glow in skin
Fair & Pink Gold Prevents premature aging & tanning

Fair n Pink GOLD Best Quality:

The electromagnetic properties of pure gold in Fair & Pink helps to clean out skin pores, allowing the skin to take breaths more naturally, resulting in glowing, radiant skin. Fair n Pink GOLD Cream maintains skin moisture.

Pre Makeup Cream:

You can use it as a pre-makeup cream it will give an instant glow to your skin, before going to any party or wedding just apply as day cream 10 minutes before makeup and then do your normal makeup steps. Your skin glow naturally and it will enhance your skin texture even with makeup.

How to Use as a Night Cream:

After washing your face with face wash
Apply an even layer of cream and absorb it.
How to use as Pre Makeup cream:
After washing Face with face wash
Apply cream before 10 minutes of makeup.
Absorb it properly.


Avoid contact with eye area while applying.

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Fair & Pink Gold Cream
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