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Genius Protein Powder


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Genius Protein Powder in Pakistan

After researching and personally testing out The Genius Brand Genius Protein Powder in Pakistan. It comes in at 3.5 out of 5 stars. There are some definite high points with this protein powder that make it stand out more than your standard protein powder on the market.

This protein is flexible and that i think a lot of people could potentially have the benefit of it. It uses a perfect 50/50 blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Micellar Casein. These are both very top quality proteins. Whey protein isolate is more of a moment release where as casein may be a slow release.

So you’re getting the simplest of both worlds during this case and getting a gentle stream of aminos throughout the day (or night). This protein is great for weight loss and may be used as a meal replacement. Casein helps curb hunger and causes you to feel full for extended. It’s also great for lean muscle mass and muscle recovery (especially when taken right before bed).

Serious Results Demand Quality Ingredients

Are you able to take your protein supplementing to ensuing level? Great workout results and sports nutrition involve quality ingredients. There’s no time for empty fillers and artificial sweeteners when it involves building lean muscle. Genius Protein focuses on protein fundamentals and clean ingredient sourcing to deliver a brand new whey and egg white isolate blend to you.

Made With Athletes in Mind

It’s tricky to find this dual combination among all the athlete-grade protein shakes, weight gain supplements, and meal replacement powder choices currently. Egg white protein offers both quality and palatability but is costlier to source. However, at The Genius Brand quality always comes first.

The reliable foundation of natural whey isolate was our start line, and that we wanted a sensible balance between fast and slow digesting protein by introducing egg white isolate yet. This enables Genius Protein to supply immediate absorption (whey) to assist initiate protein synthesis for muscle recovery, and to supply a slow release of amino acids (egg white) to continue feeding those muscles.

Ease of Use

This protein powder is pretty standard as far as easy use goes. For the directions, you mix 1 serving (1 heaping scoop) with 8 ounces of cold water or milk during a glass, shaker cup, or blender. Make sure to add 4 fl. oz. of water or milk for every additional serving used.

They recommend anywhere from 1-3 servings daily looking on your habitus and goals. for a few reason, this powder didn’t want to combine as easily as others I’ve tried. The shaker cup method still leaves some small chunks. Nothing major but just a little complaint of mine.

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Genius Protein Powder
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