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Labophyto Supramen Capsule


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Labophyto Supramen Capsule In Pakistan | Etsy Mall

Labophyto Supramen Capsule In Pakistan. Is a Meals Supplement in Form of Capsule, Particularly Advance to Reinforce Guys Sexual Performances. This Food Complement Carries Distinct Lively Standards as:

Maca, Helps to Stimulate the Sexual Desire.
Asparagus, Contributes to Put Off the Ejaculation.
Ginseng, Enables to Set Off and Enhance the Erection.
Liveche, Reinforces the Sexual Electricity Thanks to Its Tonifying Action.
Diet C, Niacin, Diet B1, Selenium, Zinc, a Lot of These Nutrients, Minerals and Hint Factors Contribute to Reduce the Tiredness and the Good Functioning of Spermatogenesis. They Enhance Correctly the Sexual Desire.

Description Labophyto Pills

Labophyto Supramen 20 Capsules Is a Food Supplement in Form of Capsule, Specially Developed to Reinforce Men Sexual Performances.

Ginseng Helps to Induce and to Improve Erection,
Lovage Helps to Tone Body and Reinforce Sexual Power,
Maca Helps to Stimulate Sexual Desire,
Asparagus Racemosus Can Help to Delay Ejaculation.

Labophyto Supramen 4-in-1 Sexual Power 20 Capsules

Number 1 of Sexual Stimulants for a 4-in-1 Effect: Boosts Desire, Improves Erection, Delays Ejaculation and Enhances Sexual Performance. Food Supplement for Men Who Want Longer and More Frequent Sex. Box of 10 Capsules. Made in France.

Supramen 10 Capsules Nutritional Information:

For 2 Capsules % RI*
Maca Extract (Root) 380mg
Asparagus racemosus extract (root) 200mg
Ginseng Extract (Root) 100mg
Lovage Extract (Root) 80mg
Vitamin C 80mg/100%*
Niacin 16mg/100%*
Vitamin B1 1,1mg/100%*
Selenium 55µg/100%*
Zinc 10mg/100µ

Labophyto Supramen 10 Capsules Indication:

Improvement in Sexual Performance.

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Labophyto Supramen Capsule
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