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Omni Beauty Breast Cream


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Omni Beauty Breast Cream in Pakistan | Etsy Mall

We Are Offering Omni Beauty Breast Cream in Pakistan. Indications : for the Use in Toning, Firmness & Strengthening of the Breast Muscle Glands Composition ( Every a Hundred Gm. Incorporates ) Pipar 10 Gm. Bacha 10 Gm. Khas 5 Gm. Konch 4 Gm. Ghee Kawar 2 Gm. Anar Ka Chilka 10 Gm. Madyantika 10 Gm. Bole 10 Gm. Vaseline Q.s Wax Q.s Available in : 100 Gm.

Beauty Breast Cream Price in Pakistan

  • It Expands the Cell Substructure of the Lady Breast.
  • Boom Breast Length as One Cup Length, Developing a New Fulfilling Feeling of Fullness.
  • Help to Company, Shape, Tone and Make Bigger the Breast Location and Improve the Tissues of the Breasts.
  • It Helps in Growing Breast Length
  • Effec­tive for Company­ing, Strength­en­ing and Adding Vol­ume on Your Breasts

Beauty Breast Massage Cream

Chavica Roxb. (Pipar) 10gm,
Acorus Calamus (Vacha) 10gm,
Vetiveria Zizanioides (Khas) 05gm,
Mucuna Prurita (Kounch) 04gm,
Aloe Barbedenisis(Kumari)02gm,
Averrhoa Carambola Linn(Darim) 10gm,
Lawsonia Inermis Linn (Mahendi) 10gm,
Commiphora Myrrha(Bole) 10gm


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Omni Beauty Breast Cream
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