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Orlifit Capsules in Pakistan. For the Long-term Obesity Management Including Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance Together With a Reduced
Calorie Diet and for Reducing the Risk of Weight Regain After Weight Loss in Patients With Initial Bmi of 30kg/m² or Greater. With Initial Bmi of 28kg/m² or More in the Presence of Other Risk Factors ( E. G., Hyper Tension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia).

What Is the Dose of Orlifit® (Orlistat) for a Child?

The Dosage Has Now Not Been Installed in Pediatric Patients. It Could Be Hazardous on Your Toddler. It Is Always Vital to Fully Recognize the Safety of the Drug Earlier Than the Use of. Please Seek Advice From Your Medical Doctor or Pharmacist for Extra Information.

Missed Dose

Take the Missed Dose as Soon as You Remember Unless It Is More Than 1 Hour After the High-fat Meal. Skip the Missed Dose if It’s Almost Time for Your Next Dose. Do Not Double Your Dose to Make Up for the Missed Dose.

General Instructions

  • To Be Taken With Food
  • To Be Taken as Instructed by Doctor
  • May Cause Sleepiness
  • Buy Online Seek Emergency Medical Treatment or Contact the Doctor in Case of an Overdose.
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Orlifit Capsules
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