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Otvena Whitening Cream


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Otvena Whitening Cream in Pakistan

Otvena whitening and freckle, removing the cream with an innovative formula continuously energizing and hydrating skin while brightens the face and body instantly. Its multiple kinds of herbal extract effectively help reduce and prevent melanin precipitation, remove age spots, freckles, and moisturizing skin for a whole day. Otvena Whitening Cream in Pakistan.

Otvena Products:

Hot sale India wholesale price face wrinkle remover anti-aging acne cream
Dark circles
Loss of firmness and elasticity
Fine lines and wrinkles
Anti-aging best face care cream


Elastin, herba houttuynia anti-wrinkle factor, ginseng extract, silk peptide, VE, motherwort extract, hyaluronic acid, water, glycerin, maltitol, hydrolyzed oat protein, cetyl stearyl alcohol, silicone emulsion, collagen


Clean your face, use lotion and emulsion, after basic skincare using, twice a day
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Research Results:

In a self-assessment study with twice-daily use on 100 women, over 10 days:
– 95% experienced a brightening appearance to previously dull skin
– 91% reported fragile skin appeared dramatically reinforced

Over 4 Weeks:

– 95% said skin appeared more firm and resilient with a renewed bounce and suppleness
– 87% said forehead wrinkles, creases, and fine lines were visibly reduced

Reviews of Makeup BB Cream skin whitening cream

Function of Makeup BB Cream skin whitening cream

1. Natural moisturizer
2. Deep whitening and repair skin
3. Effectively reduce melanin composure & pigmentation
4. Anti-aging, remove melasma and freckles
5. Promote skin tender smooth, firming, and radiant.

Volume of Makeup BB Cream Skin Whitening Cream


Usage of Makeup BB Cream Skin Whitening Cream

1. Use after cleanse and basic skincare.

2. Smear the Cream evenly on the surface of your skin.

3. Tap gently until it was absorbed completely.

4. Your skin will become tender, smooth, and shiny.

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Otvena Whitening Cream
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