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Personal Lubricants Ky Jelly


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Personal Lubricants Ky Jelly In Pakistan | Etsy Mall

Personal Lubricants Ky Jelly In Pakistan. From the #1 Physician Encouraged Non-public Lubricant Emblem, Private Lubricants Ky Jelly in Pakistan Functions a Water-based, Fragrance-loose, Non-greasy Formula That Fast Prepares You for Sexual Intimacy and Eases the Pain of Vaginal Dryness in the Course of Intercourse. Advocated via Gynecologists. This Product Is Compatible With Latex Condoms Only. Don’t Use if High-quality Seal on the Hole of the Tube Is Broke or Lacking.

Ky Jelly Can Be a Water-primarily Based, Water-soluble Private Lubricant, Most Usually Use as a Lubricant for Sex and Masturbation. Diffusion of Various Merchandise and Formulas Are Produced Beneath the K-y Banner [citation Needed] a Number of Which Aren’t Water-soluble.

KLY Lubricating Jelly

Kly Jelly Is Made in Turkey and Has the E.e.c Approval.(Condom Safe and Water Based ).lubricating Jelly Used as Condom Lubricant for More Pleasurable & Safe Intercourse.used as Lubricant for Minor Surgical Procedures as Colonoscopy & Endoscopy.

What Is KY Jelly?

Ky Jelly Is Water-soluble and Its Essential Lubricating Components Are Glycerol (Glycerin) and Hydroxyethylcellulose. Antiseptic and Preservative Additives Encompass Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Gluconolactone, Methylparaben, and Caustic Soda. Ky Jelly Doesn’t Comprise Any Delivered Colourings or Perfumes.

Uses of KY Jelly

Use Precisely as Directed on the Label, or as Prescribed via Way of Your Medical Doctor. Look at the Popular Amount of Lubricant Immediately From the Tube to the Pores and Skin or to a Condom. Reapply as Wished. If Pores and Pores and Skin, Penile, or Vaginal Infection Develop, Prevent the Usage of Ky Jelly Without Delay and Wash the Location With Water. Are Searching for Clinical Interest if the Inflammation Persists.

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Personal Lubricants Ky Jelly
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