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Pralash Bio Whitening Oil


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Pralash Bio Whitening Oil in Pakistan

Pralash Bio Whitening Oil in Pakistan Scars and stretch marks can depart your pores and skin searching elderly and with an choppy skin tone. Bio oil product affords a option to help improve the arrival of old and new scars. Because the Pralash bio oil skincare oil is formulate to be multi-functional. It could also be use to assist reduce the opportunity of stretch marks during pregnancy. Periods of fast weight benefit and quick growth – in particular with teens. Bio-oil skin care oil is likewise a suitable answer to enhance the complexion for both light and darkish skin kinds while the skin tone is uneven.

Directions for Use:

Pralash Bio Oil Skincare Oil should be massaged in a circular motion on the face or body until fully absorbed, Apply twice daily for a minimum of three months.

User Trial Results

(1) Ninety five percentage noticed an improvement in the appearance of stretch marks after 2 weeks.
(2) 92 percentage saw an development in the advent of scars after 8 weeks.
(3) The product maximum recommended by means of pharmacists for scars and stretch marks.


Vitamin a, vitamin e, calendula oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, chamomile oil/ trade marked purcellin oil.

Helps against ageing and dehydrated skin. Bio oil’s specialist formulation helps smooth and tone ageing and wrinkled skin on both the body and face. Helps retain moisture and is easily absorbed.

Directions for Use:

Apply twice daily on the facer or body and massage in a circular motion until fully absorbed use for a minimum of three months.
Pralash Bio oil skincare oil is the UK’s no One selling scar and stretch mark product Pralash bio oil skincare oil can be used all over the body and is suitable for sensitive skin.

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Pralash Bio Whitening Oil
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