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Saeed Ghani Neem Oil in Pakistan. Cleaning Soap Consists of Neem Oil, Copra Oil, Purgative, Glycerin, Octadecanoic Acid , and Perfume. Its a a Hundred% Halal Product. It’s a Natural the Neem Counters Any Outcomes of Pimples and Zits to Supply You Clear and Clean Pores and Skin. It Additionally Gets Obviate Any Blemishes, Spots, and Wounds From Your Pores and Skin Even as the Glycerin Moisturizes Your Pores and Skin and Locks the Glow in It, Even as Nutrition B5 Softens Your Pores and Pores and Skin. Saeed Ghani Neem Oil in Pakistan…

The Herbal Neem Oil Moreover Protects Your Pores and Pores and Skin Con to Uv Lighting With Its Nutrition E Content Material. The Whole Thing Comes Together to Deliver You Remarkable Skin and Truely Glowing Pores and Skin.

Saeed Ghani Neem Oil Benefits

Bringing You the Herbal Goodness of Neem, Saeed Ghani Gives Its Natural Neem Oil for Perfect Glowing Pores and Skin. Similarly to the Natural Homes of Neem, the Neem Oil Also Brings You the Benefits of Glycerin, Diet B5, Nutrients E, and Consequently the Aroma of Critical Oils. Purifies Pores and Skin Using Its Antibacterial Features.
Moisturizes Pores and Pores and Skin to Characteristic a Natural Glow.
Protects Your Skin in Opposition to Uv Light.
Softens Pores and Pores and Skin to Shape It More Youthful. Neem Oil (60ml) Oils. Additional Information. Additional Facts. Weight, 60 G.

Hair Care Saeed Ghani

Purifying Neem Face Wash Is Soap-free Herbal Formulation That Gently Removes Impurities and Prevents Pimples. Neem Familiar for Its Antibacterial Properties Helps in Controlling Acne and Pimples and Their Recurrence.

How to Use: Moisten the Face and Neck Take Sufficient Quantity of Neem Face Wash and Gently Rub to Work Up Lather, Rinse Off and Pat Dry Use as Often as Required.

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Saeed Ghani Neem Oil
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