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Slim Extreme 4D Bust Serum


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Slim Extreme 4D Bust Serum in Pakistan

Eveline Cosmetics Slim Extreme 4D Bust Volumizing & Lifting Duo-Serum acts as a Mezo Push-Up Boost Duo Serum. It is used to enlarge and improve the breast structure. The serum counteracts the sagging of the breasts and tightens them in the long term so that they appear fuller and more voluminous. Slim Extreme 4D Bust Serum in Pakistan.

Thanks to MESOtherapy ANTI-AGE Complex™ revolutionary technology the serum just after 1st application guarantees spectacular results of bust enlargement and firming without necessity to perform invasive surgery treatment. Prevents the results of elapsing time such as flopping and flabbing as well as allows to keep beautiful look of the bust for a long time.

Innovative Active Ingredients:

VOLUFILINE™ – spectacularly shapes the bust by increasing the amount of lipids and adipocytes. Small size breasts increase their volume while bigger size breasts gain firmness and round shape.

PhytoCellTec™ are the biologically active Swiss apple tree stem cells which start the process of fast skin cells recovery and actively rejuvenate them.

PULLULAN regenerates skin tissues and prevents their flabbing, improves microcirculation, firms and makes skin elastic, pushes up, tightens and models the bust.

KIGELIA AFRICANA has exceptionally strong bust filling up and enlarging action.
ACACIA COLLAGEN – stimulates skin cells to increased collagen production. Creates on skin invisible micro grid which lifts and supports the bust. Models bust line and gives immediate push-up effect.

BioHYALURON COMPLEX™ – intradermal hyaluronic acid that penetrates into deep skin layers retaining water, which results in the improvement in bust skin tightness, firmness and elasticity.

Effectiveness Confirmed With Tests

Effectiveness confirmed by tests
Increases the chest circumference to 2.5 cm
Restores firmness – up to 100% models and fillings up to 97%

Thanks to the revolutionary MESOtherapy ANTI-AGE Complex ™ technology, the effect of the serum is after the first application guaranteed. Spectacular results of breast augmentation and lift without invasive procedures.

Intensive Serum Enlarging and Improving Bust

effects just after 1st application
MESOtherapy ANTI-AGE Complex™


Apply twice a day by massaging the product into the breasts with circular movements from bottom to top. Massage until the product is completely absorbed.

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Slim Extreme 4D Bust Serum
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