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Slim Extreme 4D Scalpel


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Slim Extreme 4D Scalpel in Pakistan

Superconcentrated serum eliminates the local excess of fatty tissue, acts as a slimming belt in the waist area and reduces the “breeches” on the thighs. Revolutionary, patent pending technology imitates the mechanism of transforming the “accumulating” fat cells into the „burning” fat cells. Slim Extreme 4D Scalpel in Pakistan.

Advanced Active Ingredients in the Superconcentrated Serum: Caffeine Complex, Extreme Fat Burner, Ivy Extract, Centella Asiatica.

Slim Extreme 4D Scalpel is a breakthrough in the fight against body blemishes.
Revolutionary scalpel shape design, patent pending technology, is inspired by one of the latest scientific revelations in the field of subcutaneous fat tissue metabolism.

It mimics the mechanism of transforming “storing” fat cells into “burned” fat cells. Thus activating the fat-burning process during rest, sleep, and physical activity.

Ultra Scissors Shock Therapy:

Formula based on the synergy of active ingredients of maximum effectiveness that slim the abdomen and thighs. Multi-active formula that removes local excess fat, acts as a slimming belt around the waist and reduces “pants” on the thighs.
Warm formula.


87% of women confirm the visible effect of skin firming
93% of women confirm skin smoothing

After 14 Days:

98% of women confirm the effect of “Slender Thighs”
86% of women confirm the effect of a flat-belly

Percentage of women surveyed confirming product properties in the self-assessment test.


Once a day in the morning massage with circular movements into the problematic areas of the body (thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, shoulders).

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Slim Extreme 4D Scalpel
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