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Soft Touch Creme Bleach


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Soft Touch Creme Bleach In Pakistan | Etsy Mall

Soft Touch Creme Bleach In Pakistan (Blonder Gel) 500 Ml. Smooth Contact Creme Bleach in Pakistan May Be a Neighborhood Skin Care Brand Manufacture via Goldengirl Cosmetics. Standard the Logo Is Developing Progressively and Getting Appreciation Way to Its Appropriate Fine. Practice the Mixture to the Sector to Be Bleached, and Wait Until the Specified Coloration Is Done.

Normal the Brand Is Developing Steadily and Getting Appreciation Thanks to Its Good Satisfactory. Incorporates a Mixture of Bleaching and Skin Lightening Retailers. Protecting Seasoned-bleach Cream: Prevents the Burning and Itching Sensation. Chump Whitening Bleach Creme General P.c. 500gm Is Nice for All Skin Types and Fine Outcomes.

Original Product With Original Pictures

Type : Soft Touch Whitening Creme Bleach With 2 Accelerator
Weight : 500 gm
High quality products
Unwanted Hair and Whitens Skin
Fairness in Just 15 Min
Lightens Excess Dark Hair
Makes skin Fairer and Brighter

Golden Girl Soft Touch Whitening Creme Bleach

Golden Woman Peach Creme Bleach Makes Unwanted Hair on Face, Arms and Legs Invisible in Mins. It’s Nature’s Richest Source of Antioxidant, Diet a and Phytochemicals That Are Critical to Healthy Pores and Skin. Peach Creme Bleach Effectively Bleaches Excess Dark Hair While the Phytochemicals Whiten Your Skin.

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Soft Touch Creme Bleach
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