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Span Mascara in Pakistan Logo Black Silk Masks Makeup Set Eyelash Extension Elongated Roll 3-d Fiber Masks Water-resistant Cosmetics.

Smooth, Lengthy Superior Lashes That Stretches Like Spandex!

The Span Mascara From Lengthening Has an Revolutionary Lengthening Formula From the Bark of Sapodil. Which Makes Eye Lashes Actually Stretch, So the More You Practice. The Longer Your Lashes Turn Out to Be!

Its Clean, Elastic System From Also Extends the Lashes. Without the Concerns of Lumps, Tangles and Snapping! This Additionally Makes Utility Neat and Very Easy to Remove.

Span Mascara Is to Be Had in Volume or Curling Editions, on Your Preferred Lash Outcomes!

Ioaqua Silk + Mascara 2 in 1 Lengthening Span Mascara

1. Thick Lengthening Mascara Water Evidence Sweat Evidence Smudge Proof.
– As Thick as Feather-like Lases, Easy to Create Your Fascinating Eye Makeup.
– Compact Velvet Brush Head, Paste Frivolously Connected, to Form Beauty Makeup.
– Easy to Position on, Smooth to Wear, Can Address the Higher and Reduce Additives of the Eye.
– The Eyelashes of Each Tiny Angel May Be Without Difficulty Mastered Even for Beginners.
2. Silk Eyelashes Grafting Fiber-silk Fiber Lengthening & Thick 1+1>2.
– Grafting and Moisturizing Eyelashes, Makes Wealthy Thick Eyelashes Impact.
– Create Lengthening Thick Eyelashes, Makes Fascinating Eyes Make-up.

How To Use Mascara

Brush From the Base of the Eyelash to the End of the Eyelash.
Do the Same for the Top and Decrease Eyelashes.
Span Mascara Impact Satisfactory Mascara for at Once Lashes
Innovative Lengthening Span Method!
Stretched With the Aid of Manner of the Natural Chicle Issue From the Bark of Sapodila ~!! Visibly Stretching, Modern Span Formula!!

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