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V7 Toning Light Cream


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V7 Toning Light Cream in Pakistan

V7 Toning Light Cream in Pakistan may lessen skin melanin, brighten pores and skin tone. Keep the usage of this product for a long time. Moisturizing and nourishing, restore pores and skin and toning, oil control and reduce pore, dispose of wrinkles and pimples, deep cleansing the pores and pores and skin, make the pores and pores and skin white and exquisite.

How To Use?

After cleansing your face.
Apply the cream evenly to the face.
Gently massage until completely absorbed.


Keep using this product for a long time. It can reduce skin melanin, brighten skin tone.
Against wrinkles fade wrinkles, has high moisturizing infused with collagen pure 100%.
Help skin elasticity helps to tighten the skin, may help you become younger than actual age.
Moisturizing and nourishing, repair skin and firming, oil control and shrink pore, remove wrinkles and acne, deep cleansing the skin, make the skin white and beautiful.


Oat Avena Sativa, Seven Vitamin Complexes including Vitamin H, B1, B2, B3, B6, Yeast Polypeptides, Hyaluronic Acid.

About This Product

This product made by natural herbs. This product makes your skin smooth, spotless, pimple free and whitening with in some days. The product is imported from USA.

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V7 Toning Light Cream
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